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Media Powerhouse To Watch out for in 2024: That Girl Dr. Stephanie Davis

Hey That Girl Tribe, it is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to a media powerhouse that has taken the world by storm while empowering a generation. Meet Dr. Stephanie Davis, a media influencer, Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, Marketing Strategist, and the Owner of Empower Media Group. Driven by a passion for empowering others through compelling content, she stands as a beacon, advocating for and giving voice to women striving for something greater. Join us as we explore Dr. Davis’s incredible journey — from her triumph over personal challenges to her notable achievements in entrepreneurship and media.

Dr. Stephanie Davis received her start in media as a writer for a national comedy publication. It was then she realized how much she loved to write compelling content that empowered others. That opportunity led her to start her own publication (WE) Empower Magazine in 2015. In 2018, she later added to her publishing portfolio with an additional digital publication, Hustle and Soul Magazine. Additional media publications she owns include OurBlkWoman & OurBlkMen. As an Award winning publicist, serial entrepreneur, marketing strategist and journalist, Dr. Stephanie works with many brands, business owners and celebrities by helping them strategize, plan, and execute PR campaigns. Both Stephanie’s personal and professional experiences have positioned her to be experienced in and share knowledge in the areas of business, marketing, social empowerment, pursuing purpose, and more! Dr. Stephanie has been featured in Rolling Out Magazine, TV One’s Sister Circle, Voyage Atlanta, ACHI Magazine, Formidable Women Magazine, Medium, Pretty Women Hustle Magazine, ShoutOut Atlanta, AspireTV, Bold Journey Magazine and FoxSoul TV!

She enjoys delivering her motivational messages by using humor, genuine passion, and inspiration. That passion birthed her book “No Pressure, No Diamond”. An author, mother, empowerment practitioner, Dr. Stephanie Davis strives to encourage others to fully embrace their authentic selves, honor their potential, and showcase excellence. As an overcomer of an abusive environment, depression, and anxiety she spares nothing to make silent voices create the highest volume. Her motivation, her passion, and her transparency let many others know they are not alone. She also proves that your past does not dictate your present and can powerfully influence your future. Her “let go of the things that no longer serve a purpose; maintain a mindset of growth, purpose, and opportunity” attitude is the collective that has positioned her to be a selfless, prosperous, dynamic giver, strategist, and all-around amazing woman.

She set out to follow her entrepreneurial dreams and further her education. Mercer University alumni, Davis worked diligently and received a Masters of Business Administration Degree. Davis also holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Old Dominion University as well as an Honorary Doctorate from Clark Atlanta University. Stephanie now supports legislation efforts for prison reform and mass incarceration of people of color while directing her platform to push the culture forward & amplify the voices of minority men and women.

She is the CEO & Principal Publicist of Empower Media Group, Founder of Black Influencers Guild & the Our Sole Purpose 501c3 nonprofit organization, owner of The Elle Elle Collection luxury lifestyle brand and Business Mentor. If that’s not already enough, she’s also the Founder of Black Media Honors. The Inaugural Black Media Honors produced by Davis aired on Aspire TV.

Davis partnered with TV One to bring to life the first editorial cover for the national, all-African American women talk show, Sister Circle. This project inspired the development of other concepts including custom-created dolls; branding the Sister Circle editorial as a historical publicity move. Since then Davis has worked with the likes of Wendy Racquel Robinson, Anthony Hamilton, Dr. Jamal Bryant, Mali Music, Pastor Mike Jr., Dr. Cindy Trimm, Tami Roman, Q Parker of 112, Actress Brely Evans, Common, David Banner and more.

Stephanie Davis heads up all client accounts at EMPOWER MEDIA GROUP™️. In 2017, she was named “Communicator of The Year” by the Bespoke Communication Awards, where EMPOWER MEDIA GROUP™️ also took home the distinction for best “Media Event” of the year in 2021, and she was also named one of the “50 Game-Changers of PR” by Atlanta News. At EMPOWER MEDIA GROUP™️, she is on the ground working on the day-to-day initiatives for each and every one of our client campaigns, including media outreach, social impact, sponsorship procurement, and special event services. Stephanie is at the helm of all new business development and personally handles all HR related matters for the company to ensure that everyone on the team is proper EMPOWER MEDIA GROUP™️ material. She has ample warm media relationships, a resourcefulness to always find new PR techniques, and a genuine knack for finding a story and helping to tell it. 

Over the years, as a creative mastermind, her phenomenal campaigns & creative concepts have attracted the attention of major media brands to including FOXSOUL, Urban One, and Revolt to name a few. She contributes to a slew of media outlets including Forbes Culture, Forbes Blk, Formidable Woman and The Root. She is a proud member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women as well as a Contributing Influencer for the Black Influencers Guild–a hub for innovators that are working at the intersection of culture, commerce and technology. 

Through attractive energy, speaking platforms, media publications and workshops, Davis will leave you with a wealth of practical empowerment essentials. Thus creating the Empowered Version of You! She is a true leader, a true visionary and media powerhouse to watch in 2024. 

Connect online with Dr. Stephanie Davis @drstephaniemichelle


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