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Meet That Girl Kellie Sain

Hey That Girl Tribe! Meet Kellie Sain!

Kellie Sain is a people person who provides caring connections for her clients and customers from public relations to programs. Kellie has more than 26 years of experience with Head Start programs, non-profit organizations, humanitarian efforts, and community advocacy initiatives.

Kellie is a graduate from Grand Canyon University, where she holds a master’s degree in leadership. Education is near and dear to Kellie’s heart. She worked with New St. Paul Head Start for over 20 years and last held the position of Assistant Education Manager before leaving for professional growth. Kellie went on to pursue her career as the Education Specialist with Southwest Counseling Solutions Head Start Program. Her expertise in systems and processes worked well as this was a newly formed organization. Kellie then went on to work for the Grantee at Starfish Family Services.

Professional growth has always been a passion for Kellie, not only does she grow and build up raw talent, but she continues to grow and is an inspiration within herself. Kellie held the position of Strategic Partnership Manager for Starfish where she led and developed fellow staff members through professional development training and mentoring. Kellie has developed purposeful partnerships. Her leadership skills over the years have paid off as she collaborated with Delegate/Vendor programs such as Focus Hope, Development Centers, and The Order of The Fisherman Head Start. She provided oversight and guidance of their contracts and collaborated with Directors, Specialist, and key stake holders within the community.

Kellie’s talent speaks for itself, from data analyzation, licensing, program design, program management, training, systems, and processes Kellie has a proven history that help programs to be successful. Kellie is kind when it comes to being a pillar in the community. She has built a network of community partners over the years and has maintained those relationships throughout her career within Head Start. She is a firm believer that once you build relationships with others the success of your professional profile will grow.

The knowledge and expertise that Kellie has gained through the years has empowered her to serve as CEO and founder of M.A.S. Early Childhood Educational Services. As the founder and Visionary Kellie provides childcare and resources to families knowing that both are the heartbeat of our community. M.A.S. is also a hub for leadership training and program development to organizations as well as consulting and training and technical assistance for Early Childhood Educational programs in surrounding communities.

Kellie’s influence is not solely limited to education but spans into the realm of Public Relations. She also serves as the CEO and Founder of The Konnector Personal Management Services.

She has played a major role in managing and coordinating 100 Men in Suits and the 100 Women in heels extravaganza. Kellie has been instrumental in developing the Krave Honor Awards and the Access Identity Conference. She has served on the advisory board for the Detroit Choice Awards and currently serves on the advisory board for Beautiful Machine Magazine. Kellie has managed various political campaigns. Through her publicist work many of Kellie’s clients are international speakers, authors, business owners, film producers and podcasters that span across states.

Be sure to check out Kellie’s Our Black Woman Magazine article here:

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