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Meet That Girl & That Guy Dr. Casay Vaugn & Jay Claxton

Known as the influencer power couple, Dr. CaSay Vaughn and The Franchise, Jay Claxton, is the ideal example of #ThatGirl and #ThatGuy. Dr. CaSay and Jay are known and respected as some of today's most influential black couples.

As a dream team, the two combine their expertise to work along with remarkable celebrities and major networks, while they pay it forward by guiding the way for upcoming people in business, media, entertainment, and more.

According to Dr. CaSay, the best part of being an influential “coupleprenuer” is setting an example for other couples.

“For us, we enjoy building together and showing others how to create,” says Dr. CaSay.

Jay reflects back to eight years ago when he asked Dr. CaSay for assistance to grow in a business. Little did he know, he and Dr. CaSay would form a business and a love affair. He also never dreamed that they would form a Global Multimedia Company, The Franchise Entertainment Group consisting of several branches, including FRNCHS Clothing, Franchise Radio, Franchise Magazine, Love Business On Lock Podcast, and upcoming Franchise TV featuring a reality show called, Mind Your Own Businesses.

When asked to describe each other’s work ethics, Jay describes Dr. CaSay as organized and very pinpointed.

“She is a researcher and thorough shroud businessperson,” says Jay, “me, I am creative and can be all over the place. Thanks to her, I am a lot better, but she is definitely the structure and I am the personality.”

Dr. CaSay adds, “I am Jay’s rib and he is my spine. Understanding and knowing every day that I have Jay and I’m loved by him allows me to push harder.”

Jay and Dr. CaSay reflect on their accomplishments together, including being featured on a Times Square billboard. Dr. CaSay recalls seeing the billboard displaying the hard work they had done an “epic” moment and a testimony for following the plan God has for the couple.

One aspect that keeps the couple motivated is building an empire for their children. Jay and Dr. CaSay have a blended family, loving each other’s kids as their own.

As #ThatGirl and #ThatGuy, the couple offers advice to aspiring business owners and others planning on starting a multimedia empire as they have, “Stay on course. NEVER ALLOW ANYONE OR ANYTHING to discourage you. Remember NO ONE CARES about the story, They only want to see the show.”

Journalist #thatgirl Erica Foster



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