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Supporting and Passing the Torch in Sisterhood Our Focus is on: La Toya Chant’a Carruth

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

THAT GIRL is committed to embracing and empowering women to have the best lives possible. Which is why we continuously promote our sisters and their extraordinary achievements. Let us now celebrate a wonderful woman of distinction -- La Toya Chant’a Carruth.

La Toya was born and raised in the Motor City -- the great city of Detroit. After high school she realized her desire to travel and her hunger for life experiences. La Toya moved to Los Angeles in 2010. There, she attended Trade Tech Community College for Fashion Merchandising and became an intern for Runway Boutique. Yet, her true calling was expressed in her commitment to the welfare of others, especially the elderly. LaToya, with her upbeat and encouraging attitude, was an invaluable asset to her patients and their families. She took care of them in the privacy of their home. With the same selflessness combined with love and compassion, she spent her free time as a volunteer at the Los Angeles Rescue Mission.

In 2011, out of her passion for fashion, LaToya started a business. She ran an online boutique of women’s jewelry, Be-U Accessories. Her area of specialty was in accessories that add a little flava to women’s wardrobes. Her jewelry also served as a form of individual self-expression to her customers.

Now back in Detroit with her family, LaToya serves the community once again. With love and devotion, she works with those people who suffer from brain injuries. At the same time, she’s involved in a new project, I am Flava. I am Flava is a brand under development that allows individuals to express themselves with beaded arm candy and inspirational clothing.

At THAT GIRL, we salute you, LaToya, for your tireless support, selflessness and commitment to others. You are an inspiration for women. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do.

This is the second part of the blog series, Supporting and Passing the Torch in Sisterhood. We enjoy letting our readers know of exceptional women who make giant strides in life and fulfil their destinies.

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