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That Girl Meet Tammi ShyVonne Moore

The life of Tammi ShyVonne Moore is one of sweet inspiration. From the very beginning, it was clear, Tammi would be an incredible force to be reckoned with.

She was born in Gary, Indiana, in the late 60s, a time of burgeoning and breathtaking change. Her parents Edward and Mary Woods were God-fearing so from the time she was a child, Tammi knew God, whom she accepted as her personal Savior at a young age.

Tammi was bold, fearless, a natural born leader, who soon found she had the gift of gab, which she used early and often, landing her leading roles in school plays and church programs, sharpening the presentation skills that have helped her throughout her life.

According to Tammi, she was her grandmother’s favorite. They were very close, and Tammi heeded her sage advice as she grew into adulthood.

Tammi was creative, warm, friendly and, more than just witty, she was flat-out funny, a riot, really, in any situation. She graduated from Lew Wallace High School, briefly pursued college studies, fell in love, married and started her family. Years later, she would return to school, ultimately completing her Masters degree in Health Administration.

She began her career in medical billing, but her entrepreneurial spirit came calling, and Tammi answered, starting her own medical billing company, working as a trainer in the field and then, transferring back to full-time employment representing several pharmaceutical companies.

Tammi is currently a leader within a major healthcare organization, and, blessed with a deft ability to multi-task, she also owns WJRM Transportation, named for her children, Willie, Jerome, Robbie and MyKael. In addition, she is a proud grandmother of four with a very special Godchild, Skylar.

In the middle of raising her children, Tammi founded the Ladies of Wisdom Book Club which remains active to this day and the Teens with a Dream mentoring program. Other initiatives have followed. She believes God gives her the ability to visualize new ideas and concepts and bring them to fruition.

Recently, Tammi accepted God’s call to ministry and currently is in training. She also the author of, “Minding My Trucking Business” – a collaboration project highlighting other transportation industry experts who have overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles.

Tammi has had a continual calling on her life and, as she continues her spiritual journey, she is poised to reach even higher heights. In the words of a recent blogger, “Tammi’s charisma, coupled with God’s anointing, makes her an indomitable force!”



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