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Women In Business: Karneisha Christian, Co-Founder of Pucker Up Lemonade Company

Karneisha Christian is a wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, Ken, who is also her business partner and co-founder of Pucker Up Lemonade Company. She is also a mom of two. She was born and raised in Compton, California, and now resides in Long Beach. Prior to leading Pucker Up Lemonade Company as CEO and "Chief Lemon Squeezer, she had a very rewarding career as a pediatric nurse. In 2011, she hosted a Lemonade Stand at her kid's school carnival as a fundraiser. This was the beginning of what has since grown to be Pucker Up Lemonade Co.

Growing up, both her mom and dad worked full-time and were also entrepreneurs. Their businesses helped support the family of 6 kids. Karneisha’s maternal grandmother was a sharecropper in Mississippi, who as a widow, left the Jim Crow South with her kids in tow for a better life and more opportunities in California in 1955. After arriving, she single-handedly raised her children and eventually owned 2 homes. Entrepreneurship is literally in Karneisha’s blood. As a child, her father owned a lawn and tree service. Oftentimes, after a hard day's work, he'd return home with large sacks of juicy California Lemons from the trees he tended. Those Lemons were incredibly dirty and it was Karneisha’s job to scrub and wash them clean. Afterwards, her dad would grab a Tupperware pitcher and concoct his amazingly good Lemonade. Karneisha watched impatiently, not just waiting for him to pour her a glass, but also studying his technique and his addition of a secret ingredient. This is a story of fond memories and those special Daddy and Daughter moments interwoven with resourcefulness. When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!

Keep up to date: @puckeruplemonadeco

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Barbra Gentry-Pugh
Barbra Gentry-Pugh
02 août 2022

Amazing ~ great story! God always has a plan! Congratulations "Pucker Up Lemonade Company" and Karneisha Christian!

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