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Women's Health Spotlight: Leda Toussaint, Owner, and Creator of GNTLE

Leda Toussaint, owner, and creator of GNTLE, helps women with sensitive vaginas find a true cleanse and symptom relief by providing a healthy alternative to feminine care without the harsh ingredients.

Leda is no stranger to vaginal infections. In her late 20s, she suffered from recurring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis for almost a year. After trying multiple products and antibiotics that only made her symptoms worse, Leda created a natural feminine wash with a clean and sophisticated formula where she found relief within days.

Leda's twelve-year background in medical science and passion for women's reproductive health laid the foundation to help launch GNTLE in 2018. Leda is currently working to help women "Go GNTLE" with the goal of dismantling the taboo stigma around women's health, bodies, and sexual wellness.

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